Thursday, February 21, 2013

LET'S AVERT the fatalist-made ice-age!!!

As we're entering a new AVERTABLE NOW volcanic ice-age, the main responsible are the IMPROVIDENT FATALISTS that prevent DIVERTING the galactic electricity that stimulates magma and volcanoes. UPDATES BELOW!
 Dear altruist friends! Please watch this 6' film: 
Rising earthquakes-precursor of AVERTABLE volcanic winters/nuclear holocaust - Other necessary preparations...

UK – VOLCANIC Cold winter wiped out more than a third of honey bee hives...

UPDATES follow and the pdf, showing a paper published by Prof. Khalilov (who successfully predicted the Japanese EQ/tsunami of 3/11/11) in the proceedings of the Geocataclysm 2011 congress: How to avert the expected volcanic winter, the end of fuels, plus another 20 or 30 Fukushimas.

VOLCANIC, not manmade aerosols in stratosphere cool the planet:

It really feels like the start of a mini ice age, says London mayor

EXCELLENT: Electric Earth, Electric Weather

'The 10 plagues of Egypt' was a volcanic winter



Shall we AVERT*  IT???
Scientists find cannibalism at American settlement
WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists say they have found the first solid archaeological evidence that some of the earliest American colonists survived harsh conditions by resorting to cannibalism.
The human remains date back to the deadly winter of 1609-1610, known as the "starving time" in Jamestown, when hundreds of colonists died. Scientists have said the settlers arrived from England during the worst drought in 800 years.


Saturday, December 1, 2012


NEW UNDISPUTED ALERT for [AVERTABLE*] GLOBAL COOLING: The “even larger climate shocks” you have mentioned would be worse if the world cooled than if it warmed. Climate changes naturally all the time, sometimes dramatically. The hypothesis that our emissions of CO2 have caused, or will cause, dangerous warming is not supported by the evidence.
UPDATES AFTER the following pdf, showing a paper published by Prof. Khalilov (who successfully predicted the Japanese EQ/tsunami of 3/11/11) in the proceedings of the Geocataclysm 2011 congress: How to avert the expected volcanic winter and the end of fuels, plus another 20 or 30 Fukushimas.

It really feels like the start of a mini ice age, says London mayor

As we're entering a new AVERTABLE NOW volcanic ice-age, the main responsible will be the IMPROVIDENT FATALISTS that prevent DIVERTING the galactic electricity that stimulates magma and volcanoes. LET'S STOP the fatalist-made ice-age!!!  

Nearly 900 houses toppled after AVERTABLE 4.9-magnitude quake jolts Yunnan...

NO ASTEROID-scarecrow hit Tunguska nor dinosaurs, but ELECTRICITY, that PANICKED FATALISTS HATE TO DIVERT, as lightning-rods already do, to AVERT RISING VOLCANIC CLOUDING-COOLING!


Amazing photos and stories of survival as one woman tells how she wrote a goodbye note to her children while trapped in the snow for 12 hours...


One 8R and MORE than 50>5R AVERTABLE quakes in a few hours!

They DO NOT care about AVERTING VOLCANIC EXPLOSIONS, so that people be frightened and controlled to self-destruction with them...

Utah: Bill to recognize climate change as man-made is shot down 11-4 in the House Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee

Scientists concerned about Italy supervolcano

FUELS END - NON-renewable devices - HATE for AFFORESTATIONS lead FATALISTS to nukes...:

FUELS END and janissary NGOs and academics TERRIFIED by the imminent but AVERTABLE volcanic winter, come up with "clever" "bad-weather-prevention" plan: Get unnamed other people to pay Ecuador 3600 million dollars to promise never to sell its oil

global 'warming' DEFORESTATING cult helped promoting nukes and DISTRACTION from AVERTABLE volcanic winter preparations... 

400,000 still homeless three years after Haitian earthquake-

Snowpocalypse Russia: 'Snow tsunami' swallows streets, cars, buildings...

Germans stealing trees to keep warm
Heavy Snow Sends Northern Mexico into State of Emergency

300 to 600 private jets expected to arrive at Dulles for the First Green President's second inauguration... 

Astrophysicist – We are shifting towards a Little Ice Age – Video

AVERTABLE volcanic Cold Weather Across Europe, Asia Kills Hundreds...
*Rising earthquakes-precursor of AVERTABLE volcanic winters/nuclear holocaust - Other necessary preparations...  

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

INTERNATIONAL SUPPORT for AVERTING electric quakes-volcanism!!! - UPDATES

Fatalist 'experts' HATE PROVIDENCE: Six scientists and one official sentenced to six years in prison over L'Aquila earthquake, because they assured that no big quake would follow precursors.

The tsunami of 26 December 2004 caused less damage in the areas where natural barriers were present, such as mangroves, coral reefs or coastal vegetation.

 NEW CONFIRMATION of our averting group's celestial-volcanic climate explanation*, by German and Swiss scientists:
Magma stimulation and rising earthquakes: precursors of volcanic winters and
ice age that we may AVERT - Other necessary ANTI-FATALIST preparations

Several studies since the '70s show a correlation between weak solar cycles and raised magma and volcanic activity. Present data show not only a weak solar cycle and a rise in earthquakes - volcanic eruptions/cloudiness - storms, but that most probably next decades will be worse. The proposed explanation is that planet positions disperse electricity from the galactic center to the planets from its course to the sun, so Earth's magma is charged and is rising its disturbance. Volcanic winters  occurring during solar minima, are a FREQUENT but not discussed enough phenomenon. Planets' orbits influence on our climate: when they pass through the flow of galactic electricity from the center of the Milky-way to the Sun, they divert magma stimulating galactic plasma to Earth and other planets, less to the Sun, thus weak solar cycles. That's why during weak solar cycles, as now, solar flare electricity finds Earth stimulated and causes stronger quakes. 
Last time, similar to today's solar low activity, was the beginning of the 19th century, when the 1815-20 Tambora volcanic winter occurred...
First we propose worldwide lightning-rod NETS around faults (for faults in sea, nets on buoys) and active volcanoes to disperse magma stimulation by galactic electricity and AVERT devastating earthquakes and cooling volcanic eruptions/clouding. 
Second proposal: a test with a fire-resistant cap or grid held by zeppelins, some hundred meters above extra active volcanoes, in order to prevent volcanic ash to reach troposphere and thus spread all over Earth with predictable catastrophic consequences, similar to those volcanic winters that provoked the collapse of Mayans, Aztecs and Incas with cannibalism.
Third, we propose an extented spread of soot over icecaps and other glaciers, in order to decrease albedo and melt them, as already at least 90% of Earth's ice in Antarctica is rising.
Last we need is a series of actions to decentralize all present Babylons to autarky villages and the afforestation of ALL open places, even plains, in order to have food and wood in case of the worst case. ALL settlements should have ANNUAL EVACUATION drills. See APPENDIX.
If research focuses on galactic electricity, we may stop the dangerous magnetic poles shift or its implications! 
We call this anti-fatalist plan Global Lightning-rods net Afforestations Decentralization = G.L.A.D.
Rising Earthquakes-precursor of AVERTABLE Volcanic Winters/Nuclear Holocaust - And Other Necessary Preparat... UPDATES
PARASITIC DEFORESTATORS civil servants, lobbyists and academics fly to warm places to convince us that warmth is bad and we should fly less to keep the last oil barels for themselves...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW AVERTABLE volcanic explosions - UPDATES



 ALL big quakes are driven by celestial electricity and are preceded by foreshocks. So, when you feel 4-5M quakes, get prepared for a bigger one, in case Earth continues to get stimulated and violently discharged.
The same happens with volcanic eruptions, rising now in the Pacific "ring of fire", while ALL fatalists prevent open averting discussions and other preparations.

A stronger than average eruption occurred at Karymski volcano in Kamchatka last night at 20:41 GMT, producing an ash cloud reaching 22,000 ft (ca. 7 km) altitude.  

Mount Lokon’s last major eruption in 1991 killed a Swiss hiker and forced thousands to flee. The volcano is one of five on high alert in Indonesia.

Forestry planting falls to near zero...

Unpreceden​ted widespread snow in Eastern Australia...

Walking the walk: Shortly after telling us that money influencing politics "has become a cancer on our society", billionaire radiogenocider Gore will be a featured guest at a fundraising lunch with tickets selling for up to $20,000...


Spain the model: "Green" power generation working out so well that the electricity system only needs a $32 billion bailout...

  • Volcanic activity world-wide 1 October 2012: Heard Island, Krakatau, Kilauea, Popocatépetl, Fuego, Santiaguito, Tungurahua, Sakurajima
    AVERTABLE 7.1M Colombia

    It's all so confusing: We allegedly have to do what distractive warmist Michael Mann says because climate science is settled, yet we can't cut climate science budgets because climate science isn't settled...

    Volcanic activity world-wide 29 September 2012: Fuego, Popocatépetl, Kilauea, Sakurajima, Little Sitkin...
    Changbaishan volcano (China / North Korea): signs of unrest...
    FUELS END, some metals too, so don't let INSUFFICIENT-HEAVILY SUBSIDIZED 'renewable' DEVICES distract us from immediate afforestation of all land, including deforestated plains...

    ABC Catalyst Peak Oil Report 28-04-2011

    NEW CONFIRMATION that we've entered a [AVERTABLE!] cooling period:

    “Such a large asymmetry between hemispheres could be a sign of big changes ahead, says Steven Tobias, a mathematician at the University of Leeds, UK, who models what drives the sun’s magnetic field. According to his models, such a situation precedes an extended quiet phase called a grand minimum. “Changes in symmetry are more indicative of going into a grand minimum than the strength of the cycle,” he says.”
    Just ASK EVERY local council: WHAT are you doing to get prepared for the AVERTABLE, expected, volcanic ice-age???

    Record snow in Brazil
    Antarctica Gains 2,400 Manhattans Of Ice Overnight

    Friday, September 21, 2012

    COLLAPSED DEFORESTATORS pharaos, Romans, Mayas, Aztecs, Incas etc etc SCORNED [now controllable] volcanoes - UPDATES

    Modern deforestators still prefer collapse fatalistically:
    History of climate gets ‘erased’ online.
    “A Wikipedia trustee and a Wikipedian In Residence have been editing the online encyclopedia on behalf of PR clients,” says this article on “Add the discovery of an SEO business run on the side, and this tempest is out of its teapot.”
    This latest scandal brings to mind the Wikipedia administrator accused of re-writing more than 5,000 Wikipedia entries in order to spread the global warming message.
    History of climate gets ‘erased’ online,” shouted the headline on
    More than 5,000 entries rewritten to hype global-warming agenda”... 

    Meteorologist Joe D'Aleo: 'We hear a constant hyping of new low arctic ice record & ignoring of the simultaneous increase of Antarctic ice which appears heading towards a near new record high'...

    Can 90% of Earth ice 'melt'???
    The Coldest Journey on Earth -
    It is such an extreme undertaking that certain technology had to be invented for this expedition. For instance, a Finning (U.K.) Caterpillar track-type tractor has been adapted so the team members can move across the continent. In doing so, they will endure the coldest temperatures on earth — below minus 80 degrees Celsius (minus 112 degrees Fahrenheit), with wind chill below minus 100 degrees Celsius (minus 148 degrees Fahrenheit) — as well as more than three months of darkness. 

    Doomed Arctic Gains Four Thousand Manhattans Of Ice In Two Days!...


    Hottest year ever update: Duluth gets early snow...

    A record high Antarctic maximum is none of your business
    Whatever the current weather is, warmists predicted it all along
    Snow is a thing of the past
    The record low Arctic minimum means lots of snow
    Hot weather is climate
    Cold weather is none of your business
    Global warming causes Global cooling
    The bonus commandment for NOAA – adjust the numbers as much as needed.

    Volcanic activity world-wide 21-22 September 2012: Tjörnes Fracture Zone, Santorini, El Hierro, Popocatepetl, Fuego, Santiaguito, Telica, San Cristobal, San Miguel, Sakura-jima

    Thursday, September 20, 2012

    DIVERTIBLE solar storms and mass animal deaths - UPDATES

    UPDATES at the end!
    Imagine more fatalism instead of AVERTING expected magnetic poles' shift
    [AVERTABLE] Antarctic Ice Area Sets Record High
    Coalition chairman, Hon Barry Brill, says the most remarkable aspect is the extent to which the 2012 area exceeds normal Antarctica averages. “The sea ice cover yesterday was 311,000 square kilometres above the 1979-2012 average. The surplus ice is more than twice the area of New Zealand”.

    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    Naturalists' group forms for earth discharge work

    Lectures, Papers, Teleconferences on G.L.A.D. - Global Lightning-rod-nets, Afforestation and Decentralization

    To our global friends in the fight against nuclear: to all who are concerned!
    Today, we are opening a new blog to examine the impact of increased galactic energy on earth systems and how the struggle against nuclear power must be taken up with increased urgency!
    Krakatoa volcano blew ash 14,000 ft (4,2 km) a while ago. Krakatoa, Fuego, El Hierro, Popocatépetl, Nevado del Ruiz, Galeras, Sotará, Machin, Nevado del Huila, Tungurahua, Bagana, Batu Tara, Sakurajima...and now Mt. Fuji is under more pressure than it was during its last eruption 10 yrs ago. We have been warned repeatedly about this since Fukushima.
    We have active volcanoes in Japan, Russia, Iceland, Alaska, and South America, and more boiling away.(1) This will contribute to global cloudiness and cooling… and it may happen super-fast--3-6 MONTHS without much time for people to even know what is happening or prepare.(2). Larger earthquakes and earthquake swarms have us on alert since Fukushima.(3) The earth is highly charged.(4)
    Of course, this affects our nuclear plants! What if it were not one Fukushima but 10, 20? These magnetic effects in extreme cases could cause power grid failures on Earth or dangerous currents in long pipelines, according to a NASA news release. The sun is also affecting the jetstream.(5) This will only get worse as the sun moves from solar maxima in 2013 to solar minima in next decade.(6)
    This is going to be one harsh winter! Please join us for an urgent discussion about mutual survival.
    FURTHER READING (recent news):
    1-A 2011 Oak Ridge National Laboratory report warned of a 33 percent likelihood that a [DIVERTIBLE] solar flare could lead to long-term power loss・over a nuclear reactor's life. With 440 nuclear power plants in 30 countries and 250 research reactors, there are nearly 700 potential Fukushimas waiting to be unleashed.
    2-Mount Fuji 'under more pressure than last eruption'
    3-Britain National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies -2012 edition, Volcanic hazards Risk [=VOLCANIC WINTER]
    5-Sunday Times: Europe May be Facing Return Of 'Little Ice Age': "State Meteorological (Met) Office publishes in Nature its prediction that Europe could be facing a return of the 斗ittle ice age・that gripped Britain 300 years ago, causing decades of bitter winters・
    6-Lockwood et al, The persistence of solar activity indicators and the descent of the Sun into Maunder Minimum [=Little Ice Age VOLCANIC COOLING] conditions
    7-Abrupt onset of the Little Ice Age triggered by volcanism and sustained by sea-ice/ocean feedbacks Gifford H. Miller et al, GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS, VOL. 39, L02708, 2012

    ANTI-FATALIST friends, a good start to AVERTING ELECTRIC storms, quakes and more Fukushimas explosions is to call volunteers in your region to record animal behaviour/RADON measurements (that show how stimulated the fault is) and to calculate how many lightning-rods are sufficient (to DIVERT celestial electricity that stimulates magma, as hundreds of lightning-rods in cities ALREADY do!) across your mountains and nearest fault. In the sea, lighning-rods will be held on buoys. Full proposal:
    EVERYDAY WE MUST EXPOSE the ARROGANCE of IMPROVIDENT egomaniacs that REFUSED to shut Japan nuclear stations, when ALERTED TWO DAYS before the big quake by Prof. E. Khalilov*, who underscores** the FACT that quakes (as thunderbolts and volcanoes) are caused by DIVERTIBLE celestial electricity:
    **"Νow, thanks to the involvement of scientists from other fields of science including biology and astrophysics in preparations for the report, it has become apparent that the current observed events are of galactic scale and are directly related to THE POSITION OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM IN OUR GALAXY, the Milky Way. It is this position that has a major impact on the formation of geological megacycles during which planet-scale changes in biodiversity is observed".
    “A 2011 Oak Ridge National Laboratory report warned of a 33-percent likelihood that a solar flare could lead to ‘long-term power loss’ over a nuclear reactor’s life. With 440 nuclear power plants in 30 countries and 250 research reactors, there are nearly 700 potential Fukushimas waiting to be unleashed.”
    That is why ALL humans must learn and cooperate SOON to AVERT many more Fukushimas explosions, with potential BILLIONS of victims!...
    It's the image that changed top climatologists' and top seismologists' courses: When cosmic rays' electricity that flows mainly from the Galactic center is dispersed--as water disperses around a stone in a river--by one or more planets (including those in Kuiper belt), partially from its course to stimulate the Sun, then it has less sunspots; more electricity goes to the planets and stimulates them, and on Earth we have a rise in quakes-volcanic eruptions-clouding-downpours-floods-famine in VULNERABLE DEFORESTED plains...
    Now we can mitigate or even AVERT such phenomena with Lightning-rod Nets (that ALREADY prevent cities from becoming quake-epicenters, unless celestial electricity is already too great) placed around active faults and active volcanoes, in conjunction with ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY AFFORESTATION!